Current Officers...
The Sea N Air Board of Governors is elected by the membership annually and each serves for two years as provided by the Sea N Air Men's Golf Club Constitution. Half of the Board leaves office each year.

Listed below is contact information for our Board of Governors:

Charlie Lee President 619-435-7249
Zeke Zaludek Vice-President 619-575-4625
Cliff Schmidt Treasurer 619-397-5220
Ted Sholl Secretary 760-230-2701
Greg Odom Handicap Chairman 858-278-3058
Russ Vorce Tournament Chairman 619 435-8631
Paul Stephenson Asst. Tournament Chairman 619-435-8575
Gerry Goodwin Weekday Play Chairman 619-424-6655
Lane Fridell Entertainment Chairman 619-987-2644
George Lanman Publicity Chairman 619-437-6095
Bill Streightiff Special Projects Chairman 619 423-7210
Bill Keeler Rules Chairman 619-435-0956 None
Gene Kemp SCGA Representative 619-435-6747
Art Osbourne Retiree Representative 619-437-4397
Jim Long Military League Capt 619-429-0572
Rob Crenshaw Webmaster & Senior League Capt 619-435-1631