San Diego Senior League Information

The San Diego County Seniors Inter-Club Golf League was formed in 1967. It exists for the purpose of:
  • Playing the game of golf
  • Promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship
  • Learning and promoting the rules and etiquette of golf
The League is composed of men's golf clubs located throughout San Diego County. The Clubs currently holding active membership in the league are:

ADM Baker Balboa Park Castle Creek
Chula Vista Coronado Cotton Wood
El Camino Encinitas Ranch MCAS Miramar
Morgan Run Pala Mesa Sea 'N Air
Singing Hills St Mark Steel Canyon
Temeku Hills Torrey Pines TVMC
Twin Oaks    

CLICK HERE for 2020 schedule and results.

Each League player shall be a male fifty-five (55) years of age or older; a member in good standing with his parent Club and preferable an established SCGA Index of 25 or less. If your Index creeps above 25, you will play the match to the calulated Handicap based on a 25 Index.

We are always looking for more players. If you meet the requirements above, please email John Skinner (Sea 'N Air Senior League Capt) or give him a call.

Each Club's team in a match is composed of six players with each match played in three foursomes. The low Index/handicap player plays at scratch and the other three players receive their full handicap differential from the low handicap player.

Teams are designated as Team 1, Team 2, and Team 3 and will be formed within specific handicap groupings. Team 2 cannot use a lower handicap player than Team 1 and Team 3 cannot use a lower handicap player than Team 2. If necessary, "adjustments" will be made at the time of the match to maintain this balance.

Matches are played on a TWO BEST BALL NASSAU format. Two low balls are counted for each hole, TWO POINTS are awarded for each nine holes (Two for the front nine and Two for the back nine, Total FOUR POINTS) and TWO POINTS are awarded for the eighteen holes (total Two) making a total of SIX POINTS for each foursome. Total points for the match is eighteen.

CLICK HERE for schedule and results.